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Laura Randeles

RTC Senior Manager
Laura Randeles

Throughout her R&D career, Laura has conducted over one hundred R&D tax credit studies, identifying over $100 million dollars in research tax credits for U.S. businesses. As RTC Senior Manager of BGI, Laura helps companies in numerous industries identify R&D opportunities to add value to their businesses. These industries include manufacturing, engineering, food processing, and software development.  As a licensed attorney with over ten years of experience in the legal profession, Laura has the proficiency required to analyze and apply the R&D credit within its technical, legislative, and regulatory framework. She has worked with subject matter experts all over the U.S. to streamline the R&D study process and identify key areas of qualified research.

Prior to transitioning into the field of tax credits and incentives, Laura worked in legal compliance and discovery for five years in both Washington, D.C. and Houston, Texas. In this role, she oversaw large-scale document reviews pertaining to government investigations, such as mergers and acquisitions, products liability, and employment/labor relations. In this capacity, she conducted heavy contract analysis, legal research, technical writing and editing, and project management. This experience has equipped her with the knowledge and background necessary to provide audit-ready deliverables and reports supporting the R&D tax credit to both internal auditors and IRS examiners.

Laura graduated with a J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida in 2009. Laura also has a B.A. and M.L.A. with a concentration in Political Science from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.

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