Success Stories

Braithwaite Global has helped a broad range of companies realize their entitlement to RTC tax credits.

Clients have ranged from large multinational corporations to smaller startup businesses, and included companies that:

  • Were not aware of their eligibility for the program and were not filing a claim
  • Were filing claims, but were not capturing all eligible work
  • Were advised that they were not eligible
  • Were filing internally, but were initially rejected by taxation auditors, and chose to focus on their core business and outsource the claims’ process to external specialists.

Braithwaite Global was able to simplify the claims’ process, identify all eligible activities and costs, and ensure that the maximum RTC entitlement was claimed.

Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail

BGI was engaged by a Japan based electronics company to improve its historical R&D tax credit profile. On a contingency basis, BGI was able to employ our proprietary reporting tools and improve the company’s historical benefit by 40%.

These are only a few examples of our Success Stories. Braithwaite Global Inc has been able to assist numerous other clients in a wide variety of industrial sectors.