Our Services

Supporting your innovation by reducing your R&D costs and enhancing your bottom line

We offer a wide range of services and tools related to R&D tax credits, including:

  • Trusted advisor of R&D incentives for domestic and international companies
  • Turn-key R&D claim preparation, reporting and examination defense
  • Advisory services related to global R&D issues & planning
  • Secondary review of R&D claims prepared in-house or by another service provider
  • Proprietary tools that effectuate claim reporting consistency and efficiencies
  • Tailored qualified R&D activity flow chart(s), Facility Instruction Packages, highly customized tools, recommendations and project execution framework
  • Holding R&D orientation session(s)
  • One day, on-site assessment of Company R&D tax credit profile
  • Assistance with IRS and state audits
  • Acting as expert witness and advising lawyers in court cases
  • Assisting M&A due diligence activities as they relate to R&D tax assets
  • Advisory services related to record keeping requirements, nexus and documentation review
  • National and international review and determination of tax reserves taken on RTC
  • Preferred provider for international companies’ multi-jurisdictional R&D incentives
  • Deploying team members with multi-country R&D incentive expertise, while maintaining a close collaboration between BGI multinational offices
  • Assisting M+A due diligence activities as they relate to R+D tax assets

BGI Methodology

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