Grants and Incentives

Are government grants part of your innovation funding strategy?

Besides tax incentives, government grants are a significant portion of the funding made available to private companies by federal and state departments. Government grants foster national innovation and enhance economic growth strategies for companies of all sizes every year.

· There are thousands of programs with varying eligibility criteria, deadlines and application processes

· The program landscape changes over time as new programs are introduced or existing programs are stopped as funding is exhausted or eliminated altogether

· Unlike most tax credits, direct funding programs must be preapproved and therefore require appropriate planning and alignment with overall business strategy and critical project timing

· Program funds are often limited and competitive, making application timing and strategy critical

· Receiving direct funds can impact your research tax credit, and this should be assessed at the outset of a grant application

We are not just grant writers – we are veteran research tax credit professionals able to develop a comprehensive grant strategy and complete the application process to help you secure government funding.  Our unique qualification approach, developed by one of our founding partners in the early 1980’s, allows us to pre-qualify your project with government authorities and ensure the funds will be available before you invest in preparing an extensive grant submission. For innovation grants, our knowledge of products and manufacturing technologies insights gained over the last 30 years as global research tax credit specialists gives you a competitive advantage for effectively presenting your projects to grant authorities.